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Are you a teacher looking for an online exam tool to assess your students?

Are you an evaluator looking for a tool to evaluate your staff?

You have come to the right place, Biexam.com is the online exam builder that will help you automate the process of creating exams for your students.

With Biexam.com you can create, build and prepare exams, then your students take your exams and obtain their grade automatically, instantly, without you having to grade your students' exams one by one.

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Why use an online exam builder?

It is good to use an online exam builder like Biexam.com, because it helps you manage the time allocated for the evaluation and qualification of your students in an agile and efficient way.

With Biexam.com you will discover that the process of evaluating through exams, evaluations or quizzes has never been easier, because it is very intuitive and easy to use.

Biexam.com is also very useful for students, because it provides them with a quick and easy way to take their exams and obtain their grade.

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Advantages of using an online exam builder

1) Ease to use: Our exam builder is quite easy to use and intuitive

2) Multiple type of questions: You can add single choice, multiple choice, text, true and false questions

3) Automatic grading: The result is delivered to the teacher and the student at the time of taking the exam

4) Time saving: You can create and publish your exams whenever you want using your computer, cell phone or tablet

5) Saving money: With online exams you will save the costs of being in a classroom and printing costs

6) History of results: Exams and results are saved forever, so you can consult them at any time

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Why choose Biexam.com?

Explore some of our main features

Automatic rating

Biexam.com automatically grades the exams and orders the students by the result obtained

the system has self-publish exam

Biexam.com allows exams to be published and taken within a certain date range

Managing different types of questions

Biexam.com allows handling different types of questions (single choise, multiple choice, true or false, images, text and many more)

User profile

Biexam.com provides all users with a profile, where they can write and share their ideas

High availability

Biexam.com is available at all times, you just need a device that has an internet connection and an updated web browser

Friendly design

Biexam.com has a great ease of use that will allows you to achieve your goals quickly